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Pension Services 1The Morwell RSL Pension Officers operate from their office located at Unit 1, No. 11 Berg Street. Morwell, directly behind the Sub-Branch’s Clubrooms. There are plenty of car parking spaces and easy access for those who are disabled.
Normal appointment times are between 10-00am and 12-00 noon every Tuesday and Thursday. Arrangements can also be made for a Pension Officer to visit a veteran who is housebound, in hospital or a nursing home if necessary.

It is essential to make a appointment

This can be done by telephoning the RSL on (03) 51342455 and ask to speak to a Pension Officer or leave your contact details with the receptionist and a Pension Officer will contact you.

How can we help you?
Our Pension Officers can help and assist you with advice on all pension services for ex-service veterans, serving members of the Defence Forces, and their dependents. There are no fees charged for these services and no requirement for the ex-service veteran, the present serving member of the Defence Forces or their dependants to be a member of the RSL to obtain these services. The expenses associated with the day to day and running costs of the pensions office are met by the Morwell RSL or donations specifically given for this purpose. Our Pension Officers are unpaid volunteers and have been trained in their duties through the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Training and Information ( TIP ) Courses.

The services available relate to disability pensions (compensation), service pensions, compensation payments, associated allowances, income support payments and medical treatment benefits which may be available to entitled ex-service veterans, members of the Defence Forces and their dependents. Limited advice can also be provided to Allied and ex Commonwealth veterans.
The services available includes the following:
Pension Services 2Providing an initial contact point for welfare and pension matters and assessment of the need and assistance in contacting the relevant service providers to solve the problem.
Assistance and advice in the preparation of an initial claim for compensation and benefits. Advice on applications for the review of the inital decision made by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. Advice on cases for reconsideration under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Scheme (MRCS).

Advice and assistance in preparing an appeal on decisions made by the Veterans’ Review Board Tribunal. Advice on cases for review involving the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Scheme (MRCS) to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.


Welfare Group – Home & Hospital Visitation Services
The Morwell RSL Welfare Group operates from their office located at Unit 2, No. 11 Berg Street Morwell, directly behind the Sub-Branch’s Clubrooms. There are plenty of car parking spaces and easy access for those who are disabled.
Welfare Services 1
The Welfare Office is normally open between 10-00am and 12-00 noon every Tuesday and Thursday.

Please feel free to call into the Welfare office and have a chat to the voluteers. They may also share a cup of tea or coffee with you. Many of the volunteers have become involved with other activities at the RSL such as, the Power House Day Club and assisting with transporting members to clinics and surgeries.One of the main activities for the
Welfare Group is visiting our sick, frail and elderly veterans and if possible, offering assistance as required. Can we visit you? – Visiting a sick or frail veteran or widow in their home or whilst they are in hospital or a nursing home or hostel is usually greatly appreciated by the recipient of the visit. However due to the provisions of the Privacy ACT, it
is no longer possible for Hospitals or Nursing Home staff to provide our RSL Visiting Teams with the patient lists that would allow Volunteers to visit them as a matter of routine. Before a member of our welfare team can visit a veteran and / or their family, someone must notify the welfare group of that request.Welfare Services 2If you have or know a relative or friend who is an RSL member and does not have the support of their family and friends and would like a visit from one of the Morwell RSL Welfare Volunteers at home, in Hospital or a Nursing Hostel, please contact the Welfare Co-ordinator of the Morwell RSL, by telephoning the Morwell RSL Sub-Branch on (03) 5134 2455 and leave a message with our receptionist. A welfare representative will contact you and arrange a visit or other assistance as required.

Advocacy Assistance

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