Starting A Day Club - SmallThe Day Club Program is a community support initiative of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to assist the Veteran community to maximise an independent lifestyle.  A Day Club is a regular social recreational group for veterans, their spouses, war widows, war widowers and any other older members of the community.

It is not necessary to be a War Veteran or be a member of an Ex-Service Organisation to belong to, or attend a Day Club.

Day Clubs meet with the aim of supporting people who are still living independently in the community.  They may be living alone or being cared for by a spouse or their family.  They may be at risk of becoming socially isolated because of illness, loss of a spouse, lack of family support or lack of suitable transport to link them to community groups

The Day Club is run entirely by volunteers who receive assistance and support from the Departments Community Support Adviser when setting up their new club.  Day Clubs differ from Day Care Centre as they do not provide any treatment or therapy, nor require a referral to attend.  Their main aims are to provide interesting activities, companionship and support for their members and to prevent people from-feeling isolated, lonely or home-bound.
Each Day Club has its own unique character, depending on the skills, interests, and experiences of their members.  Many friendships are formed and close community links form between the Day Clubs and their local community.  Day Clubs are often named after significant local people, events or other features of the area in which the club meets.  The Community Support Adviser will assist with the whole process of establishing your Day Club and also on-going support on a regular basis.

Day Clubs also attract people who are keen to be involved in community activities, who are fit and well and would like to be able to volunteer their help for the benefit of others.  People who have retired or moved to a new area may also choose to join a Day Club to meet local people and make new friends.