ANZAC Appeal TokensEach year volunteers from the Morwell RSL Sub-Branch sell ANZAC Day Appeal Tokens in the Morwell and Mid Valley Shopping Precincts and throughout the Morwell Industrial Areas during the weeks prior to ANZAC Day on the 25th April.
During March most of our regular volunteer token sellers receive a letter to remind them of the upcoming appeal.  If you don’t receive a letter and would like to become a volunteer selling ANZAC Day Appeal Tokens, or you may wish to take some and sell them at you place of work.  Please contact the Morwell RSL Appeals Officer by telephoning the Sub-Branch on (03) 5134 2455 and leave your contact details.  An appeals volunteer will contact you.
All purchases of ANZAC Day Appeal Tokens of $2.00 and over are tax deductible.  The mounting card is your receipt, and it may be used when lodging an income tax return.
The purpose of the ANZAC Day Appeal is to raise money for the RSL General Appeals Patriotic Fund.  Our Appeals are conducted in accordance with Victorian State legislation. Patriotic Funds have long been established to provide welfare support to ex-servicemen and women and their dependants in necessitous circumstances, to assist in providing for the following:
War Veterans & Dependants, Veterans & Widows’ Homes, Care of the aged, Family Welfare, Vocational Guidance and Hospital Visiting.
In accordance with the Patriotic Funds Act funds raised for welfare requirements can only be used for these purposes.
More ex-servicemen from the Second World War are entering the age group where the need for medical care increases.  Each year more veterans’ wives are widowed.  Many former ex-servicewomen are also well into their retirement years and need a helping hand.
The money that goes into collection tins for the ANZAC Day Appeal means the continuing and extended care in many forms.  It provides for cottage settlements for elderly veterans and their wives and institutions like the RSL Park at Frankston, where old soldiers find comfort and companionship beyond what the modest contribution from their pensions would normally buy.  There are flats and other accommodation for war widows and returned ex-servicewomen.
There are welfare and employment services operating from Victorian State Branch RSL, at ANZAC House in Melbourne and through RSL Sub Branches, that currently help thousands.  These are part of a remembering – not of wars, but the burdens that war has laid on its veterans and their families.  Through the ANZAC Day Appeal the RSL applies its motto, “Serving Still“, far beyond its own membership.