Website Help

Here are some tips to help you if you are having difficulty finding what you want on the website


Hard to read.  The print is too small

PC or laptop

Hold down the control key (Ctrl) usually are on the bottom left of the keyboard and whilst holding down the control key, tap on the key that has + and =.
Each time you tap the key the print gets larger.
To go back to the original, again hold the control key and tap the key which has – and _

Tablet, iPad or Smart Phone

place thumb and 2 or  3 fingers together in the centre of the screen and then expand your fingers outwards.
To return to the normal magnification reverse the process

Navigation– Finding your way around the site

Below the heading: Morwell RSL Subbranch is a band of categories:
Home, About Us, et cetera
on a PC if you touch one of these with the mouse cursor a drop-down menu will appear and the pointer turns to a hand with the for finger-pointing

Slide the cursor (pointing hand) down the drop-down menu. Each time you come to one of the subcategories, the writing goes blue.
Hold the cursor on the subcategory you want to look at, and left click the mouse.
Some subcategories when you hold the cursor on them will have another drop-down menu appear with further options.
If you want to read one of these options just move the cursor across to the one that you want to read whilst keeping it in the area of the drop-down menus.
In other words, you click on the subcategory that you want to read or in some cases the sub subcategory.
On a tablet, iPad or smart phone, tap with your finger the category and the drop-down menu will appear.

Slide your finger down the drop-down menu as with the cursor for a PC.

Embedded links

On some pages for example the page: HOME / SERVICES / PENSIONS AND WELFARE / OVERVIEW,  To go to that page, hold the cursor anywhere over the blue text and click on it and you will go to that page.  On that page you will again find text in blue. If you click the text in blue it will take you to the page that the text in blue refers to.
Similarly there is a page of links to other websites and clicking on one the links take you to that website.

Further Help

Please contact the Webmaster at:
Call the Club on 5134 2455, requesting a call from the Webmaster to talk you through it or come and show you.

Our aim is for this website to be accessible to people with little or no skill in computers